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MSniffer Cell Phone Tracker: Overview

MSniffer MSniffer is latest technology made mobile phone tracking software which operates together with GPS system. Its purpose is to provide users map location of chosen mobile device(s).

Information which user is required to input if they want to obtain exact location is a phone number which is identical for every SIM card. The algorithm acts like a middle-man virtual caller who attempts to get connection to mobile phone an user wants to get navigation info.
This function is possible because MSniffer is connected to a satellites devices which circles around the globe with a FUD* technology. This is its major power of how the tracking system works, and it can be only thanked to one of its creator with a code name "Masqer 7" who managed to hack into core system of these satellite machines.

Design of application is maximally built to satisfy user experience no matter of how skilled someone is when it comes to operation with software/internet. Its GUI contains only few check-boxes and buttons to operate with.
The first step one needs to enter set a country of where certain cell phone is currently located. After that enter a phone number. (Both possibilities with country prefix or without will work fine, as program automatically recognizes both solutions as valid.)
Third and last step is press "Locate" button and wait for the app to finish its job. Process only takes like one minute approximately, depending how a country big is. It will work super fast with smaller countries and it will take 2-3 minutes maximum for countries like USA, Russia etc.

Download Msniffer
Click the button below to download the app from its official website.

* FUD = Fully undetectable (Learn more at Wikipedia)