TitanClass GPS Tracker

MSniffer - Cell Phone GPS Tracker App

Titan Class Vision is a evolved way of global communications. This program allows geographically related information to be gathered in real time on a 2 or 3 dimensional world.

The tool is similar to Google Earth except it is designed to be customised to meet your specific organisational needs.

It will impress and captivate audiences in boardroom, reception, common and public areas.

Class Action has a goal to provide world best software solutions which upgrade economic statistics for their users and also improve their buyer’s quality of life.

We have a well organized cultural mix of leading-edge application developers and marketing experts. Class Action’s team work together as one to create and provide market driven material which exceed user and market prospects. Our presentation based philosophy means that we continue to make world-best tools in the technology, information and telecommunications places around the world.

Design Philosophy

The primarily believe of our company is to develop technology solutions that are both professional and user-friendly to operate. Class Action was founded in 1995 on the assumption that technology is too hard to understand for most people. Having this premise enables us to sit within a minority of capable providers who are aimed to the human factors of this computing field.

In seeking our goals of enjoyable and productive technology solutions, we believe that technology should employ an engaging approach to its function. We believe that if we make technology engaging then people will want to use it - rather than just have to use it. We assert that allowing people to enjoy what they do with technology will make them more productive with it.

Customer Support

We have a five star reputation for responsive and long-lasting support to customers. A great deal of focus is placed on our products being highly intuitive and robust - with over 80,000 customers world-wide we only receive 1-2 support calls per week.

Development Highlights

Flight Tracking for Arrivals

Titan Class Vision shows real-time aircraft flight paths, pick up times and also facilitates advertising.

Palm OS in USA

Class Action has been recognised by the developer community has one of the top 30 leading Palm OS developers worldwide.

Security, OH&S and National Defense

We also develop solutions for corporate/industrial security, OH&S and national defense.

More of Our Projects

To find location of mobile devices, try the cell phone tracker application.

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