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Mac Mini

Titan Class Vision uses the world's most advanced technologies including a miniature computer in an anodised case the size of 5 CD boxes stacked high

Get Vision

Pricing for Titan Class Vision to integrate with your existing display technology starts at AU$24,995 plus GST. This price includes:

  • your company logo, world-wide office locations and several world time locations over beautiful satellite imagery;
  • a readily concealable, quiet and portable miniature computer;
  • the computer being configured as a turnkey solution that provides automatic start-up and shutdown;and
  • the first year of support and maintenance.

We can also source display technology and offer further customisation at a competitive price. Installation is a one-time fee and quoted on a site specific basis.

Talk to our professional team today to discuss the great opportunities Titan  Class Vision can offer your organisation.

For more detail, you can download a PDF brochure.